Here is a choice of postal administrations accessible to UK merchants:

eBay conveyance – fueled by Shutl | Royal Mail

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Free postage

Offering free postage is an extraordinary method to draw in potential purchasers hoping to get a deal. Simply remember that you will in any case need to pay your postage supplier for the administration.

Free postage can be a compelling technique in especially aggressive classifications, for example, computer games or mold, where you’re going up against loads of comparable things. Simply ensure you’re not letting yourself alone for pocket by engrossing high postage costs for low esteem things.

When posting, select Offer free postage to offer free postage. At the point when your posting is live, potential purchasers will see that postage is free

Neighborhood gathering

For expansive things that it’s not plausible to post, select Offer nearby accumulation just and the purchaser should gather the thing face to face.

Global postage

There’s no compelling reason to feel overwhelmed by posting something you’ve sold abroad. With the Global Shipping Program (GSP) you present your thing on the UK terminal. We’ll ensure it gets to your purchaser, in addition to we’ll deal with traditions leeway, following and all the rest.

Utilize the Global Shipping Program.

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Pick the best postage choice

Sending your sold thing to its purchaser securely and on time is a critical piece of any fruitful deal.

Brisk posting device conveyance alternatives

Propelled posting instrument conveyance choices

Postal transporters and contacts

Free postage

Neighborhood accumulation

It’s imperative to pick the right postage choices with the goal that a purchaser knows how and when they will get the thing on the off chance that they choose to get it, thus that you’re not let well enough alone for pocket with regards to posting the thing.

Utilize followed administrations for true serenity

When you utilize followed administrations, you’ll have the capacity to check whether your thing has been conveyed or not, and in addition having the capacity to give your purchaser evidence of postage and securing you if there should arise an occurrence of thing not gotten cases. Following is incorporated on the off chance that you utilize eBay conveyance fueled by Shutl, in addition to you can exploit exceptionally aggressive rates which can be less expensive than a few transporters’ non-followed administrations.

Fast posting instrument conveyance choices

Postage alternatives in eBay fast posting device

When you select conveyance choices for your posting, we’ll demonstrate you suggested administrations dependent on your thing’s weight, the expense of postage and to what extent it will take to convey the thing. You can either pick this or select your own.

You can likewise determine whether you’d jump at the chance to offer gathering face to face just for things you would prefer not to send.

Propelled posting device conveyance alternatives

Postage alternatives in eBay propelled posting device

Utilize the conveyance points of interest some portion of the posting structure to utilize our full scope of postage highlights, including extra postage alternatives, postage rate tables, joined postage limits and level postage rules.

Postal bearers and contacts